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My loads just aren’t as accurate as I would like them to be…how can I make them better???


Many reloaders are very meticulous in detail and oriented toward achieving the goal of “x” MOA groupings or bust, but they often may have a tendency to overlook the little things that can cost you BIG MOA!


What are the steps that you can take to maximize your accuracy and reduce those “x” MOA grouping???


1.)    Develop a “routine” and STICK WITH IT because Consistency yields ACCURACY!!!  When it comes to reloading, our goal is to do EVERYTHING exactly the same EVERY time because we want the EXACT same results EVERY time!  Along the way, don’t be afraid to ‘correct’ your routine to account for deficiencies, correct potential errors in your process, or to even just improve your process.  Researchers say it takes (21) days to make or break a habit…and this is a day-to-day basis.  Reloading we may only do a couple of times each month or even every few months…so develop a “routine” and STICK WITH IT!!!


2.)    If you have now gotten your feet wet into the wonderful world of reloading, now it’s time for you to learn to swim!  Most reloading manuals always state that you should measure your COAL (aka OAL, C.O.A.L) from the base of the casing to the tip of the bullet…while safe for purposes of liability and legal deniability, this is NOT the most effective method of establishing a consistent nor repeatable measurement!  The truest method of measuring for CONSISTENT cartridge lengths is by conducting an “Ogive” OAL measurement.


3.)    Always double check and ensure that all equipment, dies, etc. are all fully tightened, fastened, seated, etc. in order to avoid those times where you start reloading and everything is perfect and you get two or three dozen rounds in and find out WTH…they are all wrong and you have to start all over again!  Equipment, dies, and components that become even the ever most slightly loosened WILL have BIG consequences.  Remember we are reloading to tolerances of 0.001” here, not the old horseshoes and hand grenades rule of “pretty close”!!!


In our upcoming posts we will discuss why we want to take an “Ogive” OAL measurement and why it is WAY more accurate!




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Written By:  Kyle R. CEO of Broken Box R LLC


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