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You have heard the phrase “there’s an app for that” for just about everything…but how about for reloading???


Q:  What apps might be available for my smartphone or tablet devices that can assist me in recording, tracking, and analyzing my reloading data and records???


Please Note: all of the following smart device applications may be available from either the Google Play and/or iTunes App stores.  We have provided reference to all of these applications on an as-is, informational basis only and you as the user assume any and all responsibility, risk, and/or liability if you so choose to download and install these applications on your device.  Additionally, we cannot guarantee whether these applications will or will not work successfully on your particular smart device(s) so please try them BEFORE you buy them!    


A:  The following listed applications are smart device apps that have helped us while in the field, at the range, or in our reloading rooms with our reloading recipes, tracking, and analyzing of our reloading data and records…so let’s find out what the benefits and pitfalls are for these listed apps…


Applied Ballistics Mobile





App Benefits: Besides just being an AWESOME ballistics calculator for both Android and iOS devices, the Applied Ballistics Mobile app allows users to record, track, and analyze tons of important values and information pertaining to ballistics, but these values are also extremely important values for reloading such as the Bullet Weight, Bullet Length, Muzzle Velocity, Muzzle Velocity Variation (fps/degree), Ballistics Coefficient, and tons of other specifications and measurements regarding your rifles.  In addition to all of the user definable values, the Applied Ballistics Mobile app also contains an extensive built-in bullet library for many of the industry top target and hunting bullets available on today’s market.  Furthermore, the Applied Ballistics Mobile app also has input fields which allow users to input and track other values, specifications, and notes that are critical to your rifles, bullets, and custom reloads.


Additional Benefits: Bullet Trajectory Graph!!!  For a metallic cartridge reloader, considering a change to a different bullet in your rifle can become an extremely costly venture because the act of simply changing a bullet could mean future change requirements to your primers, powder, charge weights, seating depths, and the list goes on and on by the time you get to the bottom of that rabbit hole!  What we like to do BEFORE ever spending a dime is to evaluate and analyze all the potential performance improvements and/or ballistics potential that our new bullet candidates can bring to the table…now the best way to do this is “show me a picture”!  The built-in trajectory graph comparing function within the Applied Ballistics Mobile app allows you to compare and visually analyze the potential ballistics performance and trajectory paths for up to (6) bullets side-by-side…so before deciding to change to that new bullet or go to a different caliber remember…it may pay (or $AVE BIG) to take that brief walk down the path to the intersection of CAUSE and EFFECT first!


Features That “Make a difference”: Versatility!!!  One of the single biggest game changers that the Applied Ballistics Mobile app provides is its capability to backup and restore all of your critical rifle and bullet data to/from the cloud!  The ability to backup and restore from the cloud gives you an amazingly simple data backup piece that will ensure you never lose that critical data and enables you to backup and sync all of this critical information to/from all of your mobile smart devices operating the Applied Ballistics Mobile app.


Editors Notes: We HIGHLY recommend this app for every serious reloader, hunter, and target shooter!!!


App Price: $29.99






Reload Calc




App Benefits: What good is a new handgun, shotgun, or rifle reloading recipe if you can’t find where you wrote it down???  The Reload Calc app is a very simple, quick, and extremely effective database app that allows reloaders to log all of our “recipes” to those sub-MOA groups!  Just enter the components, quantities, and prices of all your reloading components for each recipe and your done…simple as that!!!


Additional Benefits: In addition to being a very simple reloaders database, this app also gives you a nice cost analysis and savings breakdown right in the app itself so you can see just how economic those “recipes” are!


Features That “Make a difference”: The developer of this app provided the ability to “Search” the database which is a much more friendly approach compared to the ole ‘scroll until you find it method’…so huge bonus there.  While we would all love to see a cloud backup component to this app which would likely require tons of additional development and time we do understand why it doesn’t exist in this app; however, the developer did provide for a way to allow users to manually backup and store the apps database to the cloud…so we definitely give the developer a thumbs up for thinking about backup and data storage integrity.


Editors Notes: We HIGHLY recommend this app for every serious reloader, hunter and target shooter…it’s simple and just works!


App Price: $FREE…but we do recommend that you consider throwing down a $1.49 for the Premium Upgrade to remove the ads that everybody hates from the app which will also serve as a small thank you to the developer for making an incredibly simple and all-around great app for us reloaders!






Reloading Assistant




App Benefits: The Reloading Assistant app is an effective database app that allows reloaders to see and log all of our “recipes” to those sub-MOA groups!  This app is a good compliment to have to your reloading manuals…seeing as that reloading manual just wouldn’t quite fit in our pocket to carry around with us everywhere we go.


Additional Benefits: This app does also have a cost analysis calculator built-in and does have the ability to save and load saved cost analysis calculations.  Additionally, the app does support some database editing features that can allow users to add, clone, and edit load data within the existing database and also offers the ability to backup and restore the apps database locally as well.  


Features That “Make a difference”: The biggest benefit to this app is the ability to have a sort of “manual in your pocket” while on the go to get a quick idea of what Smokeless Powders or charge weights those reloads might take.


Editors Notes: This is a great complimentary app to have in your toolbox for those times when your reloading manuals just aren’t close and you need to look something up; however, please use this app with extreme caution and compare the reloading data in this app to your reloading manuals BEFORE attempting to conduct any reloading based upon the information referenced within this app!  The biggest pitfall to this app are the ads…oh, those damn ads!  This app has popup and scrolling ads on just about every screen, if not every screen, and the developer really needs to add the ability to “donate to the cause” to get rid of those extremely annoying ads!  Otherwise, kudos on time well spent!


App Price: $FREE






Range Buddy / Range Buddy Pro





App Benefits: This app has the start to an app that could one day be pretty awesome!  You can take any range target or steel silhouette that you have fired a shot grouping on and use your smart devices built-in camera to take a picture of the target, then establish a ‘reference scale’ for the target, then mark your shot groupings, and get an instant shot grouping statistics calculation back within just a couple of minutes of work.


Additional Benefits: In addition to allowing you to calculate on-the-fly shot grouping statistics, you can also add basic firearm, atmospheric conditions, and shooter notes to the mix to ensure you never forget what/with/when/where you shot that last grouping at the range.


Features That “Make a difference”: It is nice to have a good backup option like this to conduct post-mortem analysis of your targets when you may be in a hurry, forgot to take your measurements, or you target(s) got destroyed or lost.  All you do is just take a picture of the target and have some sort of known reference scale somewhere marked on the target and you can get a pretty good estimate of your shot groupings from just a simple photograph today, tomorrow, or even next year!


Editors Notes: This is a good complimentary app to have in your toolbox for photo documenting your shot groupings while on-the-fly or conducting your post-mortem shot analysis while back in your reloading den.  However, the one thing that we will note about this app is that this does seem to be a “work in progress” and needs some well needed UI/UX enhancements as well as we do often experience the app crashing every now and again.  Additionally, this app was not the easiest in the world to initially understand, get setup or running…hence the reason why you will find the Range Buddy for Dummies free-hand markings we did on the screenshots below to hopefully help you through how to use this app a little better as-is at the time of this article being written.


App Price: $FREE…or you may choose to upgrade to the Range Buddy Pro version to add cloud support for $4.99.















Where to Shoot





App Benefits: What good is a new handgun, shotgun, or rifle reloading recipe if you don’t have a place to test them at???  The Where to Shoot app by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is a GREAT tool to find the nearest shooting range near you...so whether you are at home or on the road, you will ALWAYS know Where to Shoot!


Additional Benefits: N/A


Features That “Make a difference”: When you find a range near you, you can simply click on that range listing to find details, contact information, and even a map and driving directions to that range nearest you!


Editors Notes: We HIGHLY recommend this app for every serious reloader, hunter, and target shooter!!!


App Price: $FREE






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Written By:  Kyle R. CEO of Broken Box R LLC


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