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BBR Powder Club Member Reserve & Backorder Form

Are you tired of running around not being able to find the particular powder or primers you have been looking for???

If you have a list of specific items that you are trying to find, let us know by submitting the form below and as soon as your "Backorder" item(s) become available at our suppliers...we will contact you immediately!!!

If we don't know you're looking for it, then we can't help you find it!!!
Forgot to add an item(s) to your Backorder List...just submit another form and we will add it to your current "Backorder List".
Plesae Note:

Due to the extremely high demand and extremely limited quantities of some powders and primers at this time, please allow 4-8 weeks on average for some of these items to become available and for the most popular and highest demand products the backorder fulfillment period may be as long as 6-12 months if not longer.

Comp! orders, may be subject to additional shipping costs and/or additional order processing and handling fees may apply.