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Broken Box R LLC now stocking Huber Concepts Triggers and Brakes!!!

Published : 10/27/2017 12:15:25
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We have some VERY exciting news for you today...

Broken Box R LLC has become a stocking dealer for Huber Concepts Triggers and Brakes right here in Colorado!!!!

If you want the VERY BEST trigger in the industry....a Huber Concepts Trigger is THE BEST you will find!!! John F Huber has put more time into developing these triggers than you will ever spend behind these triggers which are good for more than 100,000 pulls!!!!

Check them out on our online store now and we should be receiving our first shipment of these great MADE IN U.S.A. products in the coming weeks.

We will initially be stocking all of the following 2-Stage Triggers for the Remington 700 and Variants as well as their great Huber Concepts Muzzle Brakes:

-Rem 700 - 2-Stage > 1 lb. Take-up / 1 lb. Wall
-Rem 700 - 2-Stage > 1 lb. Take-up / 1.5 lb. Wall
-Rem 700 - 2-Stage > 12 oz. Take-up / 12 oz. Wall

-Huber Square Muzzle Brake - Demascus
-Huber Square Muzzle Brake - Melonite (Black)
-Huber Square Muzzle Brake - Tan

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