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Shooting - Long Range vs. Precision

Published : 06/16/2017 11:40:09
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There was recently a question posed in a Facebook Group regarding the relationship of Shooting "Long Range vs. Precision".

Below was my response to this question and I thought this would also make for a good wisdom session about not only understanding the limitations of your skills and equipment...but also the ammo which you choose to shoot (factory vs. reloads).

"There's certainly a time for both but precision and long range can be represented by a bell curve. As the range becomes longer, the further the precision can go past the peak point of performance and fall off the back side producing more error thus less accurate results. The peak of the bell curve stops at where a shooter's skills and the quality of their equipment limits both collide on the curve. Some shooters peak is higher on the curve and others is lower because when a shooter's equipment and/or their skills are not matched you are on the front side of the curve and thus less distance but potential for greater precision. The optimal range and distance are thus variable based upon these limitations. Precision is always preferred over range due to WEZ making optimal range a sliding scale based upon field conditions. Pushing your limits to greater ranges is a training tool but degrading to precision."

To further extrapolate upon this, when it comes to factory ammo vs. NEED to understand the limitations of both. Factory ammunition is only as good as the rifle you shoot it from but conversely your reloads are only as good as your precision and attention to detail in your reloading practices. You can have the best rifle in the world, but if your ammo is garbage...your performance also will be! If you have a cheapo rifle, but OCD reloads they will be far better, but you will still be ham-stringed by the pure physical limitations and capabilities of the rifle itself.

The moral of the story here is to match your rifles capability with quality factory ammunition or hand crafted reloads commensurate of your rifles ability...doing so will not limit your capabilities of your equipment, but rather leave you more time to focus on the deficiencies of your shooting skills and less time chasing your tail in circles!

Good Rifle + Bad Ammo = Bad Practice and Bad Performance

Bad Rifle + Good Ammo = Bad Practice and Bad Performance

Good Rifle + Good Ammo = Successful Practice and Superior Performance through Quality Equipment

Good Rifle + Good Ammo + Good Shooter Fundamentals = Optimal Practice and Superior Performance through Quality Equipment AND Marksmanship Skills!

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