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Broken Box R LLC (BBR) can get nearly everything you need including Troy Industries components, Kestrel Weather Meters and Accessories, Rite in the Rain All-Weather Products, Hunting Equipment, Target Shooting Supplies, Concealed Carry and Tactical Gear & Apparel, Reloading Supplies, Western Apparel and Decor, Sterling Silver Jewelry, and MUCH more!!!

The Owners of Broken Box R LLC practice with the products that they preach!  We are avid shooting sports enthusiasts, long range recreational shooters, advocates of firearms safety and training, and Lifetime Members of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  We are also members of Northern Colorado area Gun Clubs and Shooting Ranges and we believe strongly in and advocate for Americans 2nd Amendment rights and freedoms by sharing our support, knowledge, experiences, and expertise with everyone we meet!

When it comes to offering and selling products, Broken Box R LLC will only offer brands, products, and services which they believe in, personally use in the field, and those whose quality and traditions have been field proven.  When it comes to our customers, they deserve only the highest quality and genuine hand-crafted products they can buy...and all at a fair price!

What will Broken Box R LLC offer our customers???

Broken Box R LLC knows and understands first-hand exactly how expensive hunting, recreational shooting, competition shooting, reloading and simply just exercising your 2nd Amendment rights can be in this day and age.  This is exactly why we offer our customers with our very best competitive pricing up front.  If you buy a product from us it will be because we have offered a very competitive price and we will have earned your business!  We aren't looking to make one-time customers...we want to please our customers so much that you become a lifetime customer of Broken Box R LLC!

How are we going to do this you ask???

First, we get many of our products factory-direct from those suppliers which we are an Authorized Dealer for.  If we are not a factory-direct dealer for a product(s), we then have numerous major distribution and warehouse supplier accounts that we will purchase directly from.  Second, we do not operate a store front at this time or do we carry huge amounts of inventory on-hand which keeps significant overhead costs down to a minimal and this in turn allows us to provide you with our very best competitive pricing! 

To Broken Box R LLC, it's all about our customers satisfaction and needs....not our profits, and that's why we offer a more personalized service of ordering the products direct from the factory or warehouse when you request exactly what YOU want and you get a great price and in many cases a huge savings!!!  No more having to just settle for what is on the shelf in one of the big box stores or having to pay for overhead costs in those inflated every day big box store purchases.  Please see our terms and conditions for more details.
To help prove our commitment to our customers, if you happen to find any product(s) which we offer listed at a lower every day regular price elsewhere whether locally or online, let us know and Broken Box R LLC will do everything that we can to try to meet or even beat that everyday regular pricing...just call and ask us today!

Please see our full listing of product brands offered on our website and call or click today to contact Broken Box R LLC with all your product availability and pricing request(s).